Monday, August 23, 2010

UPDATE: (Salmonella outbreak egg recall)

UPDATE: (Salmonella outbreak egg recall) I received a call this afternoon Monday 8/23/2010, from an automated message telling me that they have a record of my buying Cal Egg Brand eggs from Cosco in a five dozen pack. These are now subject to recall and any unused eggs should be returned to the store for a refund.

First: do they keep track of everything I buy? Second: That was over a month ago and the eggs have all been consumed. Third: Cal Egg was not on the recall list so what other companies have managed to keep their names off the list? Fourth: How can they keep track of my purchases but not supervise healthy standards in our nations food production. I remember a beef recall or was it tomato's, or maybe lettuce....wait it was all three. All of the recalls were on products that were shipped to stores at least a month before the recall and were most likely already consumed. What the hell is going on with our food supply? Pay attention brothers and sisters this shit is about to get really real, really fast and it will hit everyone close to home.

UPDATE: I have added a link on the left to the CDC so you can keep up to date on the latest recall information to protect yourself from the mismanagement of our national food production and distribution networks.