Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to Survivology101 Blog

What is Survivology? It is the art, science, and psychology of survival.  It is my opinion that no one is completely devoid of all applicable survival skills and abilities.  I believe that all the things that we do on a daily basis are related in a giant web.  I use the web example because if you manipulate any portion of a web that manipulation flows through all other portions of it.  Life is much like this, in that the decisions that we make daily effect all other portions of our life either directly or indirectly.

A lot of our day to day interactions are reactive and we are always trying to play catchup with the world.  The model of survivology relies heavily on our ability to sit back, analyze the patterns and develop a catalog of circumstances that act will eventually establish patterns that reoccur in our daily lives.  Once we develop our abilities to recognize these patterns early we can intervene and shape them to our advantage.  Its going to be an interesting ride so check back often and we can develop our catalog together and make our world easier to navigate and manipulate to our advantage.