Monday, October 15, 2012

Marine Corps Times Magazine (and me?)

photo of cover

Just another quick post to let you all know that I am going to be on the back cover of the Marine Corps Times Magazine (Off Duty).  One of the editors (Jon) found me through this blog and contacted me for a piece that he was doing on preppers in the military.  For some reason he decided to use my ugly mug on the (back) cover and in the article along with my gorgeous sexy wife Angel.  It is a good piece and it paints the right image for preppers without making us look like a bunch of whack-adoos like the TV always does.  Thanks for the platform and the voice Jon.

photo of article

Credit wise, the photo in the article was taken by my 10 year old son Leif.  The kilt that I am wearing on the cover is a Utilikilt "Survival" and the ones that Angel and I are wearing in the article are 5.11 Tactical Kilts.  The knife in Angels boot is by Ka-Bar and the one on her hip is one that I made "Babydoll Bushcrafter" and of course I am wearing my fire striker Thors' Hammer,

That aside, I have been very busy lately getting everything back in order and enjoying a little home time, and shop time.  I am getting on the ball with my knife shop and you can see some of my latest creations by searching "Survival Hardware" on Facebook. I am not in any position to make any large amounts of knives, just single orders one at a time.  Who knows what the future may bring in that arena, if you all remember the first knife that I ever made from scratch, I put on this blog "the birth of an old classic" and it has come a long way since that Thanksgiving day.

Be Well,
Stay alert and stay safe,